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jake english is a scared and disillusioned teenage boy who is being forced to face every single one of his shortcomings without any sort of moral support from any of his friends

he grew up alone on an island, he had to burn his grandmother’s body when he was a toddler, he found solace in his movies and in the romanticized idea of adventure and romance and in this way jake was very, very sheltered. when he was actually faced with the real world, with the horrors that come with the action and the pain that comes with romance, it was a huge blow to every idea he’d built his fucking life on. his entire world was wrenched out from under him and he’s floundering.

and yes, he’s selfish. yes, he can be block headed and he doesn’t always notice when he’s being rude, but that’s not entirely his fault. the only one of his friends who didn’t put him on a pedastal was roxy and she was drunk more than she was sober so a lot of what she says goes discredited by her friends. jane and dirk wouldn’t ever tell jake when he was being a dick because they refused to realize it. they romanticized him and actually stunted his growth as a person because they saw him as this personification of manliness and perfection when he was really an isolated teenage boy with nothing but movies and a misguided sense of adventure to keep him afloat.

he pressured himself into a relationship with dirk not because he loved him but because he felt like he had to feel that way about him. if jane had confessed first, he probably would’ve ended up dating her and that’s wrong, yes, he shouldn’t have done that but he didn’t know any better and no one would tell him so. and so he ends up being the bad guy because dirk is controlling and insecure and doesn’t know what to do when jake doesn’t live up to this ridiculous expectation that dirk had built up in his head. so dirk looks like the only one who gets hurt and when he forgets jane’s birthday, jake’s the bad guy. everything is jake’s fault even though nobody ever actually tried to help him . everyone expected jake to be just as versed in socializing as they were, they expected him to understand these things that came so naturally to them and that wasn’t fair to jake.

so now jake blames himself and jake thinks that everything is his fault and no one’s disputing that fact because dirk’s off in god knows where and roxy’s imprisoned and jane’s being mind controlled. and jake is confused and scared and he hates himself he absolutely loathes himself for how he treated his friends and he doesn’t understand that it’s not completely his fault and now jane is telling him everything he already believes about himself, she’s reaffirming this idea that jake is dull witted and idiotic and never getting better, that his only asset is his appearance so of course he’s going to cry. of course he’s scared and blubbering, of course he wants to fucking go home. he’s a fucking teenage boy and if you can find it in yourself to forgive dirk’s borderline abusive treatment of jake because ‘he’s not good with people’ then you can damn well do the same for jake.

I still don’t like jake but this is important

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